Top 18 Best Massage Therapy Schools in Colorado & Other Cities

A career in massage therapy can be rewarding and fulfilling, but where do you start?

If you’re considering massage therapy schools in Colorado Springs, there are many choices available to you.

So it’s important to know what to look for when determining which school is right for you.

We have done research on the best massage therapy schools in Colorado Springs and compiled them in this guide.

So you can find a massage therapy school in Colorado below or you can click here to find other massage therapy schools in other states.


How much does a massage therapist make per hour in Colorado?

Massage therapy is quite a profitable venture in Colorado; the average salary one can receive as a massage therapist in Colorado is $38.88 per hour.

List of the best Massage therapy schools in Colorado

Denver Integrative Massage School

As the name implies, this institution is one of the best massage therapy schools in Denver Colorado.

As a student of this school, you will learn all it takes to become a professional massage therapist from the basics.

Their curriculum is designed to fit your personality and to teach you how to treat and prevent injuries.

Those who are interested in learning how to start a new career should consider seeking out an excellent massage therapy school like Denver Integrative Massage School.


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Colorado Springs School of Massage

If you are looking for a high-quality massage therapy school, look no further than the Colorado Springs School of Massage.

With a 4.5/5 star rating on Google Reviews, there is no denying that CSM is one of the best massage therapy schools in Colorado Springs.

Classes are offered multiple times throughout each year, meaning you can start classes at any time that fits your schedule!

Additionally, their website boasts modern facilities with an engaging and supportive learning environment – which all adds up to a truly incredible massage therapy school.

Located in downtown Colorado Springs, students have easy access to public transportation (including buses and light rail) as well as many local amenities and attractions.


Berkana Institute of Massage Therapy

The Berkana Institute of Massage Therapy is one of the massage therapy schools in Colorado that offers an A.A.S. degree and is an accredited member of AMTA.

The school offers both:

  • A full-time program (four semesters) and
  • A part-time program (six semesters)

The full-time program consists of 540 clock hours while students attending on a part-time basis have up to 10 years to complete their coursework.

Along with their actual time spent studying massage therapy, students can expect to spend between 150 and 225 hours volunteering or working in a clinic setting before they graduate from Berkana Institute.

Location: 2015 Ionosphere St Suite 101, Longmont, CO 80504


Colorado Institute of massage therapy

The Colorado Institute of massage therapy offers a 30-hour introductory course for anyone looking to pursue a career as a massage therapist.

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The institute also provides options for those who would like to take on more training by allowing students to sign up for courses that run four or five days long and can provide up to 150 hours of hands-on training.

Students may choose to learn any of the following at one of their 11 campuses across Colorado:

  • Swedish massage
  • Hot stone massage
  • Sports massage
  • Shiatsu massage
  • Thai massages

These programs cover everything from proper methods for conducting massage sessions to how to give specific treatments including:

  • Trigger Point Release
  • Deep Tissue and
  • Lymphatic Drainage massage

Each student is required to pass an exam before being awarded certification upon completion.

Location: 1490 W Fillmore St #101, Colorado Springs, CO 80904

Phone: +1 719-634-7347

Colorado School of healing

If you’re looking for massage therapy schools near Denver, you’ll find one at the Colorado School of Healing Arts.

The school offers master’s and bachelor’s degrees as well as diploma programs.

Programs are open to those with a wide range of experience, including students who don’t have formal training but want to learn more about massage or bodywork.

All programs require a background check that includes fingerprints.

Costs vary based on your program; for example, undergraduate tuition for a four-year program is $878 per credit hour, while tuition for an accelerated 16-month graduate program is $1,548 per credit hour.

As one of the best massage therapy schools in Colorado, the school has partnered with organizations such as Social Security and Veterans Affairs to offer reduced-cost training for people on those two groups’ benefits plans.


Academy of Massage Essentials, LLC

Academy of Massage Essentials is one of the best massage therapy schools in Colorado Springs that offers students a complete list of professional massage training services and resources.

Students have access to a digital library that contains high-quality images, techniques, notes, and forms for use during training.

Additionally, students are provided with massage supplies for private practice sessions at no additional cost.

The academy allows all students unlimited entry into their live classroom as well as online support staff available 24/7 by phone or email.

In addition to comprehensive massage therapy education, students receive assistance with business formation and state licensing assistance upon completion of education.

The school also provides weekly free lectures on topics such as Thai medical massage, pregnancy massages, and aromatherapy massage therapies.


Massage Therapy Institute of Colorado

The Massage Therapy Institute of Colorado (MTIC) is one of the best massage therapy schools in Colorado Springs.

At MTIC, we believe that our students deserve hands-on training that focuses on professional development.

This means our classrooms are equipped with top-of-the-line massage tables and chairs, multiple treatment rooms, a large outdoor patio and pond area for outdoor fieldwork, and much more.

With an average teacher-to-student ratio of 2:1, you will receive personalized attention during your training sessions!

One important feature that sets us apart from other massage therapy schools is our Learn & Earn program.

For every 15 hours you train at MTIC, we will give you one hour towards your certification exam fee—this way you can begin earning money sooner rather than later!


The Academy of Natural Therapy

The school also provides opportunities for hands-on experience through internships, externships and a one-year internship offered to massage therapists who have completed two years of study.

Students will also participate in field trips where they can receive actual training from expert massage therapists.

The Academy is one of the best massage therapy schools in Colorado and is accredited by ACCSC, which means graduates are eligible to sit for state licensing exams.

They also offer discounted tuition to military members and veterans.

The program has an open admissions policy and no prerequisites or prior education requirements.

Some of the requirements for admission into this program include:

  • Aspiring students must be at least 18 years old
  • Aspiring students should have access to a computer with Internet access
  • Aspiring students should speak English fluently and live within 100 miles of campus.


Advanced Therapy Institute of Touch (AIT)

The Advanced Therapy Institute of Touch is one of the best massage therapy schools in Colorado Springs that offers training in a variety of massage modalities and business models.

The institute holds classes at night and on weekends, allowing students to work during regular hours while still taking classes.

If you are interested in becoming a therapist, but you don’t want to spend a lot of time going to school full-time, attending the advanced therapy institute might be a good option for you.

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You will take weekend courses for about two years before graduating and starting your career as a massage therapist.


Location: 1581 York Rd, Colorado Springs, CO 80918.

Healing Arts Institute

The Healing Arts Institute (HAI) is one of just a few massage therapy schools in Colorado that offers on-campus housing.

Students may enjoy living with up to three roommates while taking advantage of high-speed Internet and Wi-Fi access throughout their campus apartments.

Many online students choose to live off-campus and commute to HAI, or they may work at one of several nearby businesses that offer flexible scheduling for working professionals (an ideal setup for current or prospective massage therapists).

Regardless of where you live, you’ll be able to get from place to place via RTD’s public transportation system.

The school is within walking distance of two bus stops and two light rail stations, making it easy to get anywhere within minutes.

Location: 4007 Automation Way, Fort Collins, Colorado 80525-3479


Cortiva Institute-Aurora

This school is on my list of the best massage therapy schools in Colorado because of its competitive tuition, convenient location, and knowledgeable faculty.

Many students are attracted to Cortiva Institute-Aurora for their low tuition costs and flexible class scheduling; you can even take part in weekend or evening courses so that work won’t get in your way.

If you want to learn about massage therapy but don’t have a lot of extra time or money, then Aurora may be just what you need.

The school also has an impressive reputation and alumni network to which you will have access as soon as you graduate—they’ve got your back!

Location: 14107A East Exposition Avenue, Aurora, Colorado 80012-2523


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IBMC College

Whether you’re looking to pursue a career as a masseuse or want to become a licensed massage therapist, IBMC College has courses and programs for all skill levels.

IBMC is one of the massage therapy schools in Colorado Springs, located just outside Denver.

Students can choose from several 2-year associate degrees, including one for aspiring massage therapists and one for students who want to start their own businesses.

Graduate students can pursue an online bachelor’s degree or learn how to expand their education even further with a master’s degree or certificate program.

Location: 3842 South Mason Street, Fort Collins, Colorado 80525


Technical College of the Rockies

If you’re looking for hands-on learning and an environment that feels more like a small liberal arts college than a large, impersonal university, Technical College of the Rockies is a great choice.

Founded in 1914 as a training ground for miners and railroad workers, TCOTR has since expanded to accommodate students from all walks of life.

This school is one of just two vocational schools in Colorado with an accredited hotel and restaurant management program.

TCOTR offers traditional massage classes as well as online and distance courses; several degrees are available on campus, or students can earn a certificate before transferring their credits to another school.

To learn more about technical school programs available at Technical College of the Rockies and how they can help you launch your career after graduation, contact admissions today!

Location: 1765 hwy 50, Delta, Colorado 81416


Colorado Northwestern Community College

The Colorado Northwestern Community College is one of the massage therapy schools in Colorado with amazing programs designed to guide you through.

The massage therapy program offered by that college is accredited by several organizations such as:

National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts and Sciences (NACCAS) and

Accrediting Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN).

In addition to that, you can expect small class sizes with helpful faculty at their massage therapy school in Craig

Located: 500 Kennedy Drive, Rangely, Colorado 81648-3598


Intellitec College-Grand Junction

Intellitec College is one of the massage therapy schools in Grand Junction Colorado that offers massage therapy programs, both online and on-campus.

Students who want to make a career out of working with clients as licensed massage therapists are welcome to apply.

They are also one of the animal massage therapy schools in Colorado with carefully designed animal-assisted therapy programs.

Certified dog trainers are available on campus and at nearby facilities to help students learn how to care for and work with animals to relieve anxiety and pain in their animal patients.

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In addition, you’ll be able to participate in externships that give you hands-on experience working with people or animals as part of your degree.

Location: 772 Horizon Dr., Grand Junction, Colorado 81506


Trinidad State College

While Trinidad State Junior College is a 2-year community college, students looking to study massage therapy can take advantage of their hands-on learning environment.

TSC is one of the best massage therapy schools in Colorado, and they offer programs that combine classroom and clinical training.

With the education you get from this school, you can almost immediately start working on clients.

  • A two-semester foundational course covers:
  • Anatomical and physiological foundations
  • Basic massage techniques
  • Business essentials
  • Professional ethics

You will also get a series of massages designed to prepare you for specialized techniques later on.

Student evaluations are integral to your success at TSC, so feel free, to be honest about areas where you need help; faculty members will do their best to guide you toward developing skills as a therapist.

Hands-on training emphasizes professionalism and technical skill while also helping you build confidence with every client session under your belt.

Location: 600 Prospect Street, Trinidad, Colorado 81082


Emily Griffith Technical College

Emily Griffith Technical College was established in 1976 and has grown to become one of the best massage therapy schools in Denver Colorado.

The school offers various massage therapy training programs.

The school specializes in high-demand career fields and has a variety of campus locations throughout Colorado Springs and Pueblo.

Graduates from Emily Griffith can look forward to careers within a multitude of settings including spas, salons, resorts, and hospitals.

Location: 1860 Lincoln Street, Denver, Colorado 80203


Front Range Community College

If you’re looking for massage therapy schools, it may seem that all available options are very expensive.

However, there are several affordable massage therapy schools in Colorado.

One option is Front Range Community College (FRCC), which offers a massage therapy certificate program through its Center for Career and Technical Education.

Students can choose to earn an AAS degree or complete a Certificate of Achievement in just one year or less.

The tuition is around $3,600 per semester, so annual tuition will likely come out to around $7,200 if you attend full-time.

This is roughly half what many other massage therapy schools charge!

Location: 3645 W 112th Ave, Westminster, Colorado 80031


Best massage therapy schools in Denver Colorado

  • Denver Integrative Massage School
  • Massage Therapy School Denver
  • Aveda Institute Denver
  • Denver Esthetician School| Botanical & Medical Aesthetics

Best massage therapy schools in Boulder Colorado

  • Boulder Massage Therapy Institute
  • Thai Healing Art Institute
  • Healing Spirits Massage Therapy Training Program

Best massage therapy schools in Durango Colorado

  • Southwest School – Massage
  • Massage Intervention

Best massage therapy schools in Grand Junction Colorado

  • The giving Touch Massage School
  • Essentials Therapeutic Massage School
  • Intellitec College in Grand Junction
  • Institute of Therapeutic Massage
  • Rocky Mountain Ortho-Bionomy Center

Best massage therapy schools in Colorado springs

  • Colorado Springs School of Massage
  • Colorado Institute of Massage Therapy
  • Academy of Massage Essentials. LLC
  • Advanced Therapy Institute of Touch
  • Colorado Springs Center for Barefoot Massage Training Campus

Animal massage therapy schools in Colorado

  • Rocky Mountain School of Animal Acupressure and Massage
  • Colorado School of Animal Massage
  • The Lang Institute for Canine Massage

Online massage therapy schools in Colorado

  • Essentials Therapeutic Massage School
  • IBMC College

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to become a massage therapist in Colorado?

To become a massage therapist in Colorado, you will take a program of about 500 hours.

How much does a massage therapist make per hour in Colorado?

The average salary for a massage therapist is $38.88 per hour in Colorado.

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